• Applying ergonomics and human factors to enhance people’s wellbeing, productivity and experiences

  • DSE Training - Become a DSE workstation assessor with our one day course delivered by our chartered ergonomist

  • Industrial Ergonomics Assessments - Get ergonomic risks such as manual handling and repetitive tasks assessed by chartered ergonomists

  • Manual Handling Training - Get trained or become a trainer in manual handling and ergonomics that is relevant to your organisation’s tasks

  • Ergonomics Appraisal - Ensure ergonomics is considered for the best user experience for products and systems


Ergonomics Consultancy by Chartered Ergonomics Consultants We are Ergonomic Specialists

Applying ergonomics and human factors to enhance people’s wellbeing, productivity and experiences

Why choose us?

Adept Ergonomics was established in 2006 and has achieved an excellent track record.  Our chartered ergonomics consultants deliver ergonomics excellence and are passionate about ergonomics and human factors.  

We are an independent ergonomics consultancy specialising in workplace ergonomics and user experience, we are experts in ergonomics and human factors. Adept Ergonomics is a CIEHF (Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors) registered consultancy ensuring the highest level of expertise.
Ergonomics is all about making people safer, comfortable and more productive by understanding them and applying that knowledge effectively!

Benefits of ergonomics include:

• Reduced ill-health
• Fit for purpose solutions
• Better products
• Better interfaces
• Increased productivity
• Fewer compensation claims
• Better employee engagement
• Proactive approach
• Reduction in absenteeism 

Our ergonomists are at the forefront of the latest ergonomics research and thinking and have published various papers in peer reviewed journals.  We offer an extensive range of ergonomic assessments and ergonomics training.

We are able to apply academic rigour with commercial sense ensuring that ergonomics can be implemented effectively through practical and viable solutions.

Our track record speaks for itself, we would be happy to provide examples of projects relevant to your requirements.

Please get in touch and speak to one of our chartered ergonomics consultants.

Case Studies:

Ergonomics Assessment of Lead Manufacturing

Food production line ergonomics survey

Ergonomics Survey of Refuse Workers

What can our ergonomics consultants help you with?

Simple answer: any ergonomics or human factors project.  We do ergonomics, very well!

Our services focus on Industrial Ergonomics, Office Ergonomics and User Experience. Some our services include:

A full list of our services is available via the ‘Services’ navigation bar at the top of the page. Our ergonomists are happy to discuss your project needs with you to ensure a tailored solution where required.

Our Ergonomics consultants have serviced clients in the following UK locations: London, Milton Keynes, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Leicester, Nottingham, Warrington, Newcastle, Northampton, Wolverhampton, Luton, Cardiff, Southampton, Exeter, Newbury, Derby, Bolton, Liverpool, Blackpool, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Salisbury, Peterborough. International locations include: France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, USA, Canada, Africa, Brazil, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and China.

So rest assured we can help wherever you may be located.

Passionate about ergonomics

Established 2006

We have worked with some fantastic companies helping them to implement Ergonomics effectively:

“I cannot praise highly enough the expert ergonomic experience I received using Adept ergonomics.  An efficient and highly professional approach was taken to help solve an issue I had been dealing with.  I would not hesitate to use their experience again.”

“I found the level of service, and the manner of the service delivery offered by adept ergonomics to be market leading.  Our employee was made to feel relaxed and able to fully communicate his needs, adept ergonomics enabled him to continue working and feeling a valued member of his team.  A first class, professional service with the human touch.”

“The trainer had a good personality and was passionate about his work which won us over and made us more interested in the subject.  I would use Adept Ergonomics for any other training needs that their company offers.”

“Adept ergonomics provided our client with a swift and professional service which met all of their needs. It has been a pleasure to work with a company of such high calibre”