Case Study – Ergonomic Assessment of Lead Manufacturing

A comprehensive ergonomics assessment was conducted for a lead manufacturing plant which is summarised in the document below:

Ergonomics Assessment of Lead Manufacturing


Many improvements were identified which reduced the risk to the operatives.  A human factors review was conducted as a separate activity.

Case Study – Ergonomic survey of production line

A detailed review was conducted of a food manufacturing production line which consisted of repetitive tasks.  The summary of this case study is available in the document below:

Food production line ergonomics survey

Risk reduction was achieved through an effective rotation plan as well as postural training.

Case Study – Ergonomics Review of Refuse Workers

An ergonomics review of refuse workers was conducted.  The refuse workers conducted their collections manually without wheeled bins or bin lifts.  Their collections were largely bag based from the pavement.  The case study is summarised in the document below:

Ergonomics Survey of Refuse Workers

A 95% reduction in manual handling injuries and absences related to the same was achieved through an effective ergonomic change programme being designed and delivered to the refuse workers.