CareOnLine – Helping the elderly with computers and the Internet

Introducing computers and the Internet to older users: findings from the Care OnLine project

zaheer osman, david poulson

Ergonomics and Safety Research Institute (ESRI)
Loughborough University
Holywell Building, Holywell Way, Loughborough, Leics. LE11 3UZ

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Category: Long paper

Keywords: Elderly, attitudes, computer, Internet, Internet scheme, training and support

Abstract: This paper reports the findings from a two year pilot project called Care OnLine.  The Care OnLine project has introduced computers and the Internet into the homes of 50 elderly and vulnerable volunteers and provided shared Internet access at 5 shared schemes housing older people across the Market Harbrorough district of Leicestershire.  A specific web portal was designed that was geared towards older and vulnerable people and provided links to relevant websites and information about the different services available to them.   All the volunteers were provided with training in using computers and the Internet and interviewed regarding their experience.  Findings regarding their attitudes and experiences towards computers and the Internet are reported.  The impact having access to computers and Internet had on the volunteers and some lessons learnt from providing such a scheme are also discussed in this paper.

Download the Full paper here:

COL Paper for UAIS

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