How to conduct a Display Screen Equipment Assessment – Ergonomic Workstation Checklist

The attached PDF titled ‘DSE Assessment steps and tips’ will allow you to understand some of the steps involved when conducting a Display Screen Equipment Assessment.  We provide DSE training which will allow your organisation to become self sufficient in conducting DSE assessments and to become compliant with the DSE regulations.


Tips for DSE assessment available below:

DSE steps and tips

Our ergonomists have developed checklists that can be utilised when conducting DSE assessments.  There is a part 1 which is a checklist that can be filled in by the user or assessor and a part 2 which allows the assessor to note down the actions.  Part 1 covers all aspects of the workstation including the chair, desk, display screen, keyboard, mouse and environment.

These have been provided below for you:

1 User Checklist

2 Action sheet

Hope you find the above useful.

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